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julie macneil

i almost choked on the food i was eating when i read the last part! so funny!!! i love this idea! you Carol dear should be famous, just saying. and i hope to be around to see that photo!


Ok, I'll be coming back to see. I've put it in my diary?..lol..yes how true your theory is Carol, I say you go with it ( preservation )

Joan Clarke

I don't know how I missed this blog post...I can agree with every word you've spoken regarding beauty.

In 2029 I will be 90, but I'm sticking around to see that photo. I'm 73.5, I have beautiful silver gray hair, good skin, and I'm living a very full life with lots of friends, a devoted husband of nearly 42 years. The things I was concerned about in my youth are so insignificant as to not even be remembered. Skin deep beauty is just that....superficial, fleeting. I'm going for the "real" beauty...loving life, wearing a smile, glad to see the morning.


I will be 91 in '29 and I hope to still be smiling and happy and, maybe even, fun to hang out with. Who knows. For sure I will check in here to see how your beautiful self is faring. We will have some signs of wear, some aches and pains, maybe we've added prunes to our daily diet. But we won't be on the watermelon diet, Scarsdale, Beverly Hills, or whatever else crops up to slim us down and make us meet someone else's expectations. If we have lived well, we will still be happy and will exude beauty. I believe.

Janet Ghio

So why May 11? is that your birthday-because that is my birthday..and trite as it sounds---"beauty is in the eye of the beholder" and my two bits in the inner eye of the "beholden".

Leslie J. Moran

The trick as we age and think about ensuing consequences is that one must aspire to be "adorable" no matter what. I am so fortunate to be surrounded by other women who are not judgmental and our motto is "At our age nobody is looking at us anyways!" We go for comfort not speed and thoroughly EAT THE DAMN CAKE!!! Wonderful post Carol. Makes us all think. One more martini I say!

Judy H.

Love Fest Alert!: Loved this post, Carol. Loved your Theory About Beauty. Also loved the blog post by Kate on EAT THE DAMN CAKE. All of us can relate to these feelings. Thanks for sharing. :)

jeanette, mistress of longears

Up to now, I was a little worried that my standards have been slipping....I've begun to be just a tiny bit less concerned with my sags and the extra 15 pounds that I now call the "extra 10 pounds" (though I have not lost any weight, 15 just sounds so impossible to lose. 10 is much more manageable). I don't know how this happened but it did, and I thought I was just giving up and giving in. Thanks to the article you linked to and to your fantastic theory of beauty, which should be mandatory reading for every female in order to graduate from high school, I am relieved to know hat I am not slacking....just coping. :-)


I like what my sistah said to me when we were having a heart to heart about having our chins done: I don't know Susan....I think it's better get old and ugly naturally.

But I swanee, when I get in bed and have to hold my eyelids up to read, I seriously consider getting old and ugly with a little help from the snip snip doc.


One, I couldn't read the link... if it doesn't grab me in the first sentence I'm out. Two, I think you are way more entertaining and informative thus a much better writer. Of course, this is coming from a guy who is currently maintaining a C average in his AP English class, so you may want to consider the source. Third, and lastly, that wonderful heart and clever lil mind of yours has always made you a beauty to me. And yes, consider the source... a teen with standards who is holding out for a modern day Audrey Hepburn.

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