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Violet Cadburry

My husband and I compete as to who can make the best split pea soup. He likes the fork to stand at full mast in his, I like the spoon to barely float admist the waves. I would love a good cornbread recipe, I have the cast iron pan, so lay it down girlfriend:)


Love this ever since Dottie sent it to me! If it gets too thick I thin it out with a little white wine....yum!!!


Oh, and mine and dad's creation this weekend was bean and ham soup with some homemade stock. Delish as well and perfect for this cold, rainy day. Pair it with some crusty bread topped with caramelized onions....oooooohhhhhh:)

Joan Clarke

I SO agree with you...winters come around so we can make thick, hearty, yummy soups...I've never met a soup I didn't like with the exception of Cioppino/Bouleaubaise...Fish soup. Fish in a tomato base just doesn't cut it with me. I prefer crusty sourdough bread with my soups...especially homemade. Since I love pea soup AND barley soup, the combo has got to be yummy.

Michele Unger

I had a big bowl of my own smoked turkey with yellow split pea soup for supper tonight...with cornbread. It was divine and just the perfect meal on a wet and nasty January evening. Great minds and all that!


I made this recipe last night for dinner. Oh my, how delicious! Thanks for sharing it.

Graphics Matrox

Oh I am inlove with this recipe. The photo makes me hungry now. Trying this one. :)

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