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hmm a dilemma for sure. I had a neighbor who had an electric water heater, of sorts, she put in the water to keep it from freezing. But I think the birds are very resourceful and we just think we need to help them. Good luck finding a solution.


Wish them happy new year and make it a vodka, that
won't freeze!!! Seriously, moving water will freeze
much slower, there has to be some physics that work.


Check out this link http://www.bird-house-bath.com/heated-bird-baths.html

they have solar heated water for birds needs zero
electricity might solve your dilema


Carol I'm saving you some money and restless night. birds know that snow melts into water, if they need it they will eat the snow, trust me its true...they really are very self sufficient . Have a good nights sleep....lol

Diana Giffin

I love the photos - handsome Lewis and his handsome rival, and the goldfinch butts! I live in the Oklahoma City area I put out glass pie dishes of water for the birds and most mornings I can simply gently knock the dish against the ground and the ice slips out and I refill with a pitcher of hot water. I also have a bird bath heater I plug in with an outdoor extension cord for our taller copper bird bath when it gets really cold. The birds really do need water in winter and the water attracts birds like robins that seed will not.

Joan Coats

I bought my bird bath heater from PETCO and I put it on a timer. The birds have learned the hours the ice is melted . Deer , wild turkey and squirrels also take advantage of clean water during our Wisconsin winters. By the way, yesterday I learned how to entice a chickadee to eat seeds from my hand. Great fun.

Chris Oliveira

It actually is very important to provide melted water for the birds. It is critical to their survival on days when usual water sources are frozen. They need it not only for drinking but also for cleaning their feathers. Wild Birds Unlimited is an excellent source of various options, such as plug in aheaters you submerge in the water or birdbaths that plug in themselves. That is what I have. You will attract more species if you provide winter water. Water Jigglers will not work in winter. Good luck to you and to Lewis!

jeanette, mistress of longears

My birdbath heater has a thermostat so it only comes on when needed. Got it at a bird feeding store.

Joan Clarke

I've been an avid bird watcher/lister/traveler for the past 12 years. I travel long distances to add birds to my life and state lists. I can only concur with the good choices suggested by your readers. Water is a huge magnet for birds in all seasons, more so than seeds, suet, etc. They absolutely do need it for bathing no matter how cold it is.

Judy H.

Birdbath heater is one choice. I just fill my birdbaths with warmish water early & refill as needed. We also have a pond with a low bubbler (a near-catastrophe last winter when the bubbler was too high, the spray froze and nearly emptied the pond overnight. No fish died, fortunately!). Lesson learned!

pam knutson

I agree with heated birdbaths...it is amazing how many more birds you will get when you provide fresh water...and food is an extra attractor! We get ours ready
in November and leave it plugged in all winter. In the spring our pond thaws and the birds happily move into that...although with a cat we have great guilt that it feels like a giant bird trap. Pam (mpls)

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