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Joan Clarke

Love the colors in the first photo...the muted colors are equally lovely.

Janet Ghio

That first square is just gorgeous--love the colors!

Caroline Berk

Carol, You got me started on this. I have finished two rectangles although not easily. This is my first excursion into short rows and picking up the wraps as well as working with yarns that are thick and thin. The colors make it worth it. Some day, far in the future perhaps, someone will have a colorful afghan.


My problem is this: I see the first photo and think, "yes, these are my colors! From here on to the rest of my life I am only going to wear and buy things with that palette: juicy, vibrant and delicious."

Then I scroll down and see the bluesy grey, brown with flecks of peach and *immediately* begin to two-time the hot pinkish orange, rust and burple.

I'm color's bitch, helplessly wanton and slutty. Add some coconut rum to that and it gets really ugly.


I love the colours so pretty and soft looking

Judy H.

Love the colorful square. Love the next two yarn choices.


Followed the links all the way through, and my goodness that is painfully pretty. I'm afraid if I approach my mum on adding another "hobby" she may punch me... not really. She is more a karate chop to the gut lind of gal.

Leslie J. Moran

This is such a huge undertaking, but a great way to pass the cold winter nights. Loving your choices.

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