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Dottie Moss

I'm ready, sister!

Joan Clarke

Just the words without seeing the pix is enough to make my mouth water. I tried to be vegetarian once, failed miserably. I couldn't come up with dishes that excited me, made my mouth water. Not like a pot roast with roasted veggies, gravy, homemade biscuits. I think I'm meant to be a carnivore...going to sharpen my canines...where's the beef?


OH! Wish my name was Dottie!


Oh my gosh sign me up too!


I've got to preach the good word. I'm a member of the Church of Gluten Free and I've never felt better in my life. Wish I had a yummy cafe like that near me.

And wow, that bottle! I foresee a summer of scouring yard sales for clear bottles and pitchers, then a fall of using that weird etching stuff to put uplifting messages on them. Course I have to find a house first....everything these days is hinging on finding my own home so I can be messy and not worry....

Judy H.

Wowzer! We'll have to try this restaurant!

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