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Joan Clarke

Italian is always good for the nose! Garlic, onion, olive oil, divine smells.

Can't wait to see what you two have been up to. I know it was fun.

Lisa Hoffman

*anxiously pacing while waiting for a look at your work*

Leslie J. Moran

Okay. Over on her blog, I have to assume it was YOU who left the house in p.j.'s!!! :) Glad you are getting some protein into you!

Ellen Specht

I just discovered your blog!! And I love it! I have never known much about Kansas but if all the Kansans are like you, it must be a great state! Love the photos, love the recipes, love your wry sense of humor!

Linda Niehoff

Please tell me you're going to show the inside of that journal. It looks divine! PS I'm not far from you - waving from Baldwin City :)


Aw, kitties.

Jane Bumar

What I want to know is...what amazingness is happening with those inkdroppers of that special watercolor ink stuff - Dr Bristols? I'm very glad you didn't have to scoot off home just yet, that would have been cruel and unusual punishment!

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