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You have some skills.

Caroline Berk

I draw my sister, myself, my husband, nearly anyone who will stand still. It is a great thing to do. Looking closely is something we don't often do - even at those we are close to and love. I had a wonderful time at the citrus house with you three. Thanks for taking me along.


Love, love, love seeing the good time you all had together. It's been a few months since my gal posse has gathered for a weekend together. I think I'm sensing one in the near future.

Carol Gossett

Carol, what kind of sketchbook is that?

Judy H.

So fun!

Leslie J. Moran

I just love the look of this technique. Must give this a try some time.


Carol! I try to find one but I couldn't find one anywhere that said carols sketch book!...lol ...so sorry couldn't help myself when you said " please go get one of these" you really are enjoying this...looking forward to the next challenge. I saw the pic Mary Ann chose.....strapping gent isn't he?

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