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Oh My! Glad you got home safe and sound anyway!
I would not fare well in that kind of weather!

Violet Cadburry

Brrrrr, that looks so cold! Glad to hear you made it home safe. I could not live in a cold climate...much less drive in one:)

Janet Ghio

I hope your car doesn't get towed. They were saying on the news tonight in Columbia that all cars left abandoned on the highway had been towed and one woman was charged $300!!!

Judy H.

We got a foot of snow here at our house not too far from the Plaza in KC. Hubby made it in to work before things got too bad...supervisor sent them all home shortly after arrival. It took hubby a LOT longer to drive back home in the thick of the storm. Glad you made it home safely. What a mess it was! Round two on Monday apparently. :)

Joan Clarke

So, you had to leave your car illegally parked in the garage at work? I hope they don't give you a ticket. That would be so not nice.

How far is your commute?

I'll put up with the wind and blistering heat in the high desert rather than live in snow states...lived in MI & AK, that did it for me. Never again.

Are you a doctor or a nurse?

Diana Giffin

I was thinking of you and Jeanette (Mistress of Longears) when I heard how much snow that part of Kansas was getting! Down here in the OKC area, we got a few inches of snow/frozen sleet/hail/rain and thunder snow, which was cool to see.


Where I live our rule #2 is that if there should be 6 inches of snow, stay home.

Be careful and keep that shovel AND a candy bar handy. I recommend Twix.

Susie LaFond

Carol, loved your story, smiling, all true when one lives in the snow zone. We got bumped by this storm too and we were digging out yesterday, more snow follies are on the way come Monday.

Michel Murphy

Thought of you during those two storms. We had a rough day here in St. Louis on the 21st as you may have heard. Glad you're safe. Thanks for the great snow pics.

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