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Joan Clarke

This looks quite old fashioned. What kind of phone is this?

Mine is easy to draw, a black, rounded edge, thin slab with a teensy camera lens, a ear mic, at the top and one round button on the bottom...it's a smart phone so could probably draw itself. HA. It's named for a fruit, no...not a lemon.

Caroline Berk

Too bad that it is already the ninth and draw your phone day is over. I was all ready to draw! (snort).

jacki long

I would, but one of my students bought me an "otter case" for my i-phone (It is supposed to protect the phone from my clumsiness) and it makes the beautiful i-phone ugly and hidden. Oh okay, I'll try, but it won't be pretty.

marta traughber

are you pulling our legs?


If you mean about drawing noses and ears - NO! If you mean about it being national draw your phone day - kinda .... I thought if I said it, it might catch on and then it could become national draw your phone day :)

Caroline Berk

I picked up mine to draw it and discovered that someone who had been carrying it around the house while she talked had put it down in a little puddle of butter. And that is why, boys and girls, we have phone cases.


ok you might be kidding, but I am going to draw my phone, I like yours

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