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Thank you for a laugh out loud moment, Carol. You don't really mean it, do you?

Mind you, I'm with Chris about the grapefruit part. My least favourite fruit.

BUT you've inspired me to get out that heart-shaped cake tin and do some layering and slathering.

Joan Clarke

I had to laugh when I read this post. I'm not into cakes much...but give me a fruit pie and I'm in heaven. Why is it that the only citrus based pies are lemon and key lime? Why not orange pie, or grapefruit or tangerine? That would get my attention. I'm with Chris...I'd take the Hershey bar. Sorry. But that means more for you of the grapefruit cake...slap a heart or two on that cake for good measure.


when I saw the picture my mouth started to water, it looks delicious and sounds it to, might have to try it

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