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Joan Clarke

I'm so glad I don't have to contend with the white stuff any more...white knuckle driving was the worst of it. No fun at all.

Spring is just around the corner, if that's any consolation.

Enjoy your time at home alone...delicous! Knit, slurp some soup, bake something yummy smelling. Or loll around all day long and OD on movies or books.


Hmmmmm..home alone..oh the possibilities !!!....you there freezing with the white stuff and me here cooking in the hot sun...who would believe it! Ha!!! Have a great day!

Janet Ghio

I'm with you Carol! I'm sick of this. Here I thought we were almost home free this winter
Ugh! Thanks for posting the flowers.


Well even though you are tired of the snow, I never tire of seeing your amazing photos!
But I gotta say... that rose is amazing! What a cute name too! Neon Cowboy. I hope you can find another one! And maybe a Neon Cowgirl too!

jacki long

I agree with Rhonda, your photos are amazing and the contrast ... talk about color! We are to be 85' today in the OC ... but on the other hand, I don't have the day off. ;o)

jeanette, mistress of longears

We are SO on the same page! I am headed out to Family Tree Nursery to meet with a few friends and do a sketch crawl. Bring on the color! the plants!


I too am sick of this winter, and wish for spring to come, I love the look of those flowers, I have no green thumbs, but like to look at pictures of those who do

Violet Cadburry

All that snow looks so cozy, especially as I am looking at it from San Diego. Enjoy your day off. If I was there, I would help you build a snowman and make hot cocoa with Kaluha:)

Caroline Berk

I have been thinking about you and all that snow. We don't have snow (well, not any accumulation), but I have had about my fill of grey days, rainy days, grey and rainy days, cold days, etc. You might laugh at my definition of cold, but I am ready for warm and sunny. What a misery this winter has been. Please stay safe and warm.

My sister and I have started sketchbook wars also. Fun!

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