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Good luck on the car rescue!
I love the little snow hats on the grill and everything in that photo!

Joan Clarke

I love seeing the snow pix....from FAR, FAR away from the stuff. I can't wait to hear the car rescue adventure.

What does Lewis think of the snow? Does he mind getting his mitts wet & cold? I guess I've never considered cats going outdoors in it. Mine are totally indoor cats, but the dogs (Goldens) LOVE the snow when we take to the mountains.


Yes, I lean forward! Funny that you should mention that, just the other day we were in a parking garage in our Suburban and all four of us were ducking our heads so we wouldn’t scrape the ceiling! LOL


Ducking, leaning, patting the dash and murmuring you can do it (passengers only,please) . Cars need a lot of help!

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