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Do you remember when you and me and mom watched planets and stars through that tree? And also the moon setting.


Yes! And remember I lit candles and put them out on the rock wall?

Caroline Berk

beautiful photos. Thank you for sharing them. I wish I could paint that sky. Instead, I will look and look and paint it into my memory then take it out sometimes and look again and again feel its magnificence.

Michele Unger

Beautiful! So that's what's been hidden by all the gray and rain and fog we've been having here.....so pretty.


Oh, I miss the Kansas sky! So gorgeous, thanks.

Judy H.

Lovely :)

Joan Clarke

I'm glad I live in a place where the sky is often spectacular, beautiful sunrises & sunsets. Tall mountains on either side of the valley for a gorgeous backdrop.

Your photos are lovely...keep looking UP!


Kansas skies are truly beautiful! Stunning pictures!

Michel Murphy

It's a beautiful world. You've captured and shared a piece of it. THank yOu.

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