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Well you could always go buy a couple of slices and bring them home and take a closer look... before you eat them of course! Either way it looks like an interesting cake. Good luck in your quest Carol!

jacki long

That made mew so hungry, but it's 12:01 AM! ;op

Leslie J. Moran

You get points just for trying! I think the option of popping over to "You Say Tomato" is preferable. You can even get a slice to take out!:) BTW how to you say tomato??? Is it tomAto, or tomAHto???

Caroline Berk

My strawberry cake has some berries mixed into the cake batter. Would that help?

Caroline Berk

I think that you need to try another slice from YST then try again at home. I would be glad to help but it doesn't look like it would mail well.


Your cake looks very professional indeed!

Quite a while ago, on English TV, we had an ad whose punchline was 'The man from Del Monte said yes'. Maybe you had the same.

Anyway, it took me back. Now I often say that when asking someone (husband usually) for an answer: 'Did the man from Del Monte say yes? Or no?


honestly your cake looks delicious you had my mouth watering, I bet it was good


What about some grapefruit zest in the cake mix? Just a little. Is that a crazy idea?

Joan Clarke

What was different about your cake compared to YST's? Was it sweet taste or tart?
You might need some lemon zest (I believe grapefruit zest is very bitter) if the tart taste is lacking. If it's sweet that's missing then up the strawberries, smashing some or using some strawberry flavor/extract? I'd opt for getting several slices from YST and sampling on consecutive nights...3 nights worth should do it.

Hope you find the fix for your recipe. You get an "A" for effort.

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