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Carol Gossett

Ok, I'm needing some clarification here. You and Mary Ann each draw 2 portraits a week, or you do one and she does one? Are the subjects the same each week for the both of you? How are the subjects chosen? I'm LOVING these pix of you girls!

Joan Clarke

OK, I'm not sure I understand what's going on here...did you draw/paint both of the portraits? Did you and sister paint yourselves? What is the game plan here?

I assume you're talking about the howler monkey cage at the zoo...whooooop, whooooop, whoop-woop-woop! Whatever the game is, it's hilarious.

Sister looks like she's had waaaaay too much Blue Moon beer, you look like you just swallowed a canary....don't tell Lewis.

Do you Skype one another to share the portraits?

jacki long

I hope you answer all the questions that Carol G. and Joan asked, as I am wondering too. Love the drawings, whatever.

julie macneil

inquiring minds want, i mean need to know.


Carol, I absolutely LOVE your style! You aren't trying for realistic portraiture here but definitely capturing personality and there is recognition of the person posing. Keep it up. Mary Ann's work has a personality of its own as well.

I want to copy you girls and ask a friend to do it too so I will be more likely to stay with the commitment. Too much fun here!


Clarification regarding Sketchwars Wednesday:
I send my sister a photo to draw, and she sends me a photo to draw. We each draw BOTH. Sometimes we do each other and sometimes we do completely random people we feel like drawing. We reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

Jan McCann

Have you done iPad drawings of each other?

Michele Unger

I am not laughing, I am very much enjoying your sketches. From the photos I've seen of the two of you, you've gotten the essence. The direct look on the Carol sketch is great and the MA devious, can't-quite-meet-your-eye look pretty well sums up her personality as much as I can tell.....pesky and wicked. Not that you aren't....you are just quieter about being pesky and wicked. Those traits alone make me wish I lived near either one of you or, better yet, both! (As long as I"m wishing....)

Joan Clarke

So, who painted each of the portraits above? Just curious.


Joan: I post the sketches I do here and Mary Ann posts her renditions on her blog. She posted her versions earlier this week. Carol

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