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Joan Clarke

OH MY! I covet those cups with the birds...where did you find them? I'm an avid birder. This would add to my collection of birdy trinkets.

What will you do with that pink yarn? Socks?

Janet Ghio

I love that cup with the little bird!! So sweet!! Happy valentine's day! Hope you have something pink and sweet and gooey to eat!!

Dawn E. Nguyen

I love the pinky swirly things too :)
thanks for sharing some of yours....
I do need ot find a sketching buddy....I am not sure what I am waiting for either-my dignity is long gone already


I love pink things, as well, happy valentines day,

Lisa Hoffman

I have two sides, the concrete gray side (add spikes and badly smeared mascara) and an aqua side. The aqua side lives next to your pink side happily. They drink tea out of Birdy tea cups (and Hell YES we all need those cups) and gossip about the slutty Gray side that lives "...over THERE...."
Here's to Pink.
Great post CM!


Sweet - I used to hate pink but now I love it. Yup--the bird cups are very charming. Your entire blog is very charming.

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