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Joan Clarke

Good for you for experimenting...Now if those nuts were pecans you'd find a total stranger lurking about your front porch following the aroma coming from inside.

Is there more than one cat who comes to play in the snow? Did Lewis join in the romp in the snow?

Carol Gossett

That's a beautiful picture!


Just thought I'd say how smashing you look on Mary Ann's new About Me page.

So you don't break up those almonds? I am thinking your teeth must be in perfect condition - and that's something Americans are famous for.


Some egg white might help to bind more sesame seeds to the almonds.

(Here's one place on the internets where I found this technique: http://smittenkitchen.com/blog/2012/11/granola-crusted-nuts/


If they taste as good as they look, I would be in heaven, I am going to give these a try


I want a Harvey boy to visit me in the snow!

Michele Unger

YUM. Those looks so good! I wish I had a small bowlful right not. I have a big art mess to clean up and a nice bowl of your sesame honey almonds would help motivate me to get the cleaning up done.

Jamie Tidwell

I love your photos, creativity, and all around the blog in general! Just found you today :) I saw those almonds and had to click on this post- they are beautiful!

I used to buy sesame seeds from Morton and Bassett as well, but found that most Chinese markets have big bags of them for under $2 (I am in Portland, so it might be different in Kansas City, but still worth a look!). Learned about that after years of wondering how to make tahini for less. Happy cooking!


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