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Steve Mulvenon

You are so right. janelle mulvenon

Ruth Satterlee

Good advice about should and need. If you'd like to learn about all sorts of things about New York City in 1845 I'd recommend Gods of Gotham by Lyndsay Faye. I'm on disk 6 of 15 and am entranced by this story of one of the first policeman in New York City out to solve a horrific crime. Brilliant writing, deep observations and the voice of 1845 has lovely slang I want to bring back in style. It's flash the news hawker character would promise.


The colors in that Mexican garden book are so vibrant! I can see why you would love it!
You make a simple breakfast look so inviting! Makes me want to just dive into that bowl of blueberries!





I did the bills AND the taxes! All today! I think I deserve a medal!

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