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Joan Clarke

It was 72F here today. We've had three seasons in the last week: winter, spring, and wind. I know that wind is not a season, officially, but in the high desert it is.
It's going to be 80F on Fri! Good heavens...pretty soon we'll be baking like little fried eggs.

Barbara Hagerty

Absolutely gorgeous!


Wonderful mosaic! Very soothing!
I think everyone needs a little green after winter! Thanks!


LOVE this Carol! How do you insert the blocks? From a novice / dummy blogger in Africa

Judy H.

My favorite color. :)

jeanette, mistress of longears

Fantasitc vision! must admit my fave is the end rolls of fabric!

Leslie j. Moran

Recently "chartreuse" has become my favourite colour. As a kid it was blue. Then I switched allegiance to all things pink and shades therein. Now it's green. I can never remember the name chartreuse, but I'm always drawn to it and then go through the mental hoops.....what's that shade called? Love this post. Spring is near. I see it in the lighter night sky. Chartreuse.

Leslie j. Moran

How did I manage to get a little chartreuse badge?. How cute was that ?

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