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Carol Gossett

Oh wow, that looks like heaven!

Caroline Berk

That looks sooooo good!

Pat P

I want to lick my computer screen! The only improvement I can make on this is if you make it shaped like a Bunny Butt Easter Cake (I found it too late for Easter, but it is pictured on my blog, from the Betty Crocker kitchen.)

Janet Ghio

I love carrot cake and this looks so delicious!!


Looks yummy! I agree with the previous comment -- makes me want to lick my screen!! One of these days I may need to bake something again...


Can't find the words for that carrot cake. Fabulous and scrumptious come to mind. Very very clever of you.

I am in the middle of making a carrot and sesame sandwich loaf. It has a splash of orange juice to make the yeast work. If it turns out well, I'll let you know and send a link. I'm on a hunt for the perfect loaf!

Leslie J. Moran

That spiffy red kitchen aid has worked magic once again. Perfect time of year for this cake. I'll try one and call it spring!

jeanette, mistress of longears

I am worried that you may be losing your edge: you could find no rationale for having 2 cakes in the house? This is not the Carol I have come to know and love. Perhaps you need a short vacation.

Michele Unger

Oh, you are KILLING me with this post! I want that cake. I want ALL that cake! I hope you loved every crumb. Have a piece for me.



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