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Joan Clarke

POPTARTS????? I would never suspect that Poptarts would be high on your list of favorite foods...you bake goodies, for heaven's sake! How & Why would you be addicted to this (dare I call it) food? I tasted it once...that was enough for me.

julie macneil

oh yum, i love them! i think they are gong on my list for tomorrow!


My daughter has been going on about these for ages and we could not find them anywhere in New Zealand, but just recently our very local Dairy started to stock them..... They onoy had strawberry and choc chip, but apparently more flavours are coming soon.. I havent dared to try them yet!!

Leslie J. Moran

This is so funny! I wonder how Angie came up with this latest request??


Divine portraits, as ever. Of you. And your Angie's looking good.


Oh gosh, iced strawberry are my favorite:) Mom always sent us across the street to the babysitter's with them when she had to work. I actually got sick of them for a while, but rediscovered them as awesome hangover food in college along with some super cold chocolate milk. Such a waste of calories but I can't help it. I too only let myself eat one at a time from the double pkg. Joe just looks at me cross when he sees a box sneak into our pantry.

cheryl miller

Seriously... you are SO funny! I love your stories!


I have never tasted a poptart, maybe I am missing something

Susie LaFond

I'm sitting here chuckling. I'll place the call to the Betty Crocker rehab clinic right now, I can see this isn't going to be easy now that you've succumbed to the temptation. And can I just say your Mom is as cute as a button. She lights up a room with that smile of hers. Ok, back to the issue at hand, the guys in the white coats on their way. ;)

Saguaro Chick

Pop tarts are the reason I cannot shop when I am hungry. Those things are like crack in this house! I hardly get them for that reason...but a couple times a year I cannot resist. I always get cherry...pop it in the toaster and until it is practically burned....I love that crazy crunchy taste with the cherry. Bizarre. I know.


I had no idea pop tarts were so dangerous. Good to know! However the pics of you eating one, made me want to rush right to the grocery story and load up my cart. Then I remembered....I have a phobia of the grocery story and avoid it as long as i possibly can!

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