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I had a look at Mary Ann's version. They both make her look unhappy, in different ways. Perhaps the woman with hair ribbons had a sad past. Will we be told who these people are that you draw?

Even so, I think your drawings are hilarious, if I'm allowed to say that without offending!

Sharon Tomlinson

Well, I don't recognize this one either. But I like her and indeed we/I want to see the unrecognizable one too. I'm so enjoying these Sketchwars. Inspiring!

Caroline Berk

I think that she just looks serious and I like having just a bit of color in there. I wonder how old she is? The girl we drew had been photoshopped so thoroughly that she had become bland. I also decided that drawing straight from the computer is better than from a tiny print, as I did. Oh, but it is good to learn as we go!

Leslie j. Moran

I think you are doing extremely well! she turned out rather "Mozartian ". Bravo for sharing. I'll have to settle down and try this. The first printout Mary Ann provided us with is huge. I need bigger paper! :).

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