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Ok..I have tiered eyes...but I see Chris unshaven ...Q.do you have eyes for only Chris? Only asking because all your man drawings are lookin like him,.......( how sweet!!...hehehe) ok you can tell me to go away! But I'm not going anywhere until I know the bacon secret!!!!!!!

Leslie J. Moran

Ohmygosh! HANDS!!! Are they not THE most difficult thing to draw!! Bravo. Well done. I keep thinking that no matter what you put down is just fine, after all, it is your interpretation. I've even tried doing a few on the app "Paper". This way I can erase more easily!:)

Nancy from Fair Oaks, California

I like this man you sketched because he looks as though he knows something funny and I like people who have a great sense of humor and consequently make me laugh. You are so very talented!


I agree with leslie, you did a great job on the hands, because they are really hard to draw.


I'm sorry, but this person contacting you about the sketch, may be just the most bizarre and funniest thing I ever heard. It is definitely something that would happen to me, although I probably would have gotten sued in the process. Talk about a chilling effect on sketching: I bet every artist who reads this is looking over their shoulder at a museum wondering if someone is going to come along and ask them where they sketched that stolen art object.

What a hoot!

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