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Oh I know how you feel....someone mentioned brownies the other day and I just had to make some....what a total disappointment !!!why you ask??? Well just befor I was to put them in the over I broke the oven door...don't ask how ! I have no idea,,I thought I could get way with it and tried anyway but to no rewards for me !!soft in the middle and burnt on the edges!!! I'm even embaresed to share a photo!!!!...........(hubby help something's wrong with the oven!!!!!)....... But you enjoy yours and I won't mention brownies...but have an extra one for me!!! Won't you!!!...:)

Pat P

brownie, brownie, brownie, brownie

(hey, now you made ME have to make them....)


Thanks Carol, now I'm craving brownies and it's only 7:05 am!! I had one last week, it had been cooked inside a chocolate chip cookie. I'm not kidding, it was at Jack Astor's restaurant (do you have those in the US?). It was sooo good - two of my favourite food group combined. Served with vanilla ice cream, natch.

Leslie J. Moran

You are so good. I always use a mix when I make brownies. Obviously I should try your "Angie" recipe.


OMG those look so good now I have to go make some!!!
And I don't even bake anymore! haha ok maybe just this once, next weekend...

Janet Ghio

These look delicious! Now I want brownies!!

Joan Clarke

WAH!!! Now I want Brownies...lots of brownies. So much for the diet. Dr. says I have to lose weight. Fat chance with temptations like this afoot.

I'll tell my husband, he's the baker in this family.

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