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julie macneil

ooooh, looks like heaven, must try!

Leslie J. Moran



if that picture is any judge of flavour its looks so good i just want to run in the kitchen and make one


This dose look really good! Yes I agree! But what realy intrigues me is how you gals in Americ and only in America can get your bacon to look like that...now I love my bacon but here it's very different we don't nuk it to look all squgely and stif, here its all floppy ...lol and if I try to get it to look like that I'll have the fire brigade at my door from all the smoke...."I need the secret". I Want ( this is the point were i throw myself to the groung and kick my feet about.' thats right a 2 year old's tantrum') my bacon looking like yours!!!!! (If you can have good looking bacon like that .So can I......lol) Pretty please if you could share!....lol

Janet Ghio

This looks really yummy!


I will need to try this one on Sunday. Thanks for all of your cooking adventures.

Saguaro Chick

It is amazing how a photo of something delicious can make your stomach start growling.....Making the tater the night before is a great tip! I have leftover taters from a few days ago....I used some of them to cut up and paint with...I was channeling my inner kindergartner for my Wreck This Journal book, lol! Now I am gonna use the others for this! I have never tried Fontina cheese, will put that on the ole shopping list.

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