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when i come i'm going to paint 2 barely noticeable horns on you

Leslie J. Moran

Carol! I can just hear Angie roaring with laughter. You ARE VERY FUNNY Carol!

Violet Cadburry

Ha ha ha, was that the bra liberated during the Palm Springs weekend? I think it is a lovely portrait.


Ha. ha. ha. ha.....lol.....lol......your a funny one.....Nice portrait of you Carol, do you think that Mary Ann will do as she said???.....lol...:)

Janet Ghio


Saguaro Chick

My side hurts! You Moss girls!!!!! I can't stop laughing! I always knew the over-the-shoulder boulder holder could come in handy for so much more.....

Chris Oliveira

Thanks for the good laugh!!

Does all this hard work call for a new cocktail recipe?


Too funny!!

Nancy from Fair Oaks, California

I love this new decorating tip and will use it myself when necessary!


Can't stop laughing!!!


This is too funny. So very "Moss girl"!

Linda Keaveney

This is one of the funniest posts EVER!!!
That sure is one sexy bra, Carol...[not]
I assume it belongs to your Mom....right?

Linda :o)


Sister, there are a few things that a mother's son should never see - this is one of them.

Judy H.

Laughed out loud. :D


Oh me, oh my. You are a funny woman with a funny mom and at least one funny sister. What a hoot it must be when you all are together.

Also, I loved the photos of the leek and the orange... who am I kidding? I like them all.

Again, let me reiterate how blessed you are to have a husband who cooks and does so many other wonderful things for you. Blessed indeed!

Enjoy your upcoming journey with MAM.

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