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Debbie Jordan

So you didn't choose a grey/black combination for your next colour. I like what you picked. I have wound inner pulling balls using no tools but trying a Nostepinne would make a better looking ball. You are doing a great job with it I think. Enjoy your trip!

Joan Clarke

I got an "F" grade in using the Nostepinne...I made a great big mess out of my yarn which hand to be hand wound as there was no way to feed it through the ball winder or put it on a swift. I gave it to a friend...I think she uses it as a weapon.

Have a great trip to Italia...I hope one of you will be posting as you travel.

Lizzie Bo

Excuse my nose sticking in here but... my ball winder has a little slit in the top to anchor the end of the yarn. If you leave a little tail, you can use that to pull from the center. Does yours not have that? How do you anchor the yarn when you wind it? Consider the possibility. But honestly, I am now completely intrigued by this new (to me) invention. Will have to investigate. Your posts from Spoleto are wonderful!

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