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That is so cute! Love her continual attempts at trying it and finally Eureka! you struck cinnamon.
Great photo series.

Saguaro Chick

Good Ole Starbucks....bringing families together....

Nancy from Fair Oaks, California

A great ad for Starbucks ~

Leslie J. Moran

You see, this is what I love about Angie. I totally agree with her regarding Starbucks, but she's a player. It's the latte's that do it. Much softer taste and having just a sip of yours makes it even nicer. Great photos. She looks very happy in her new digs. Bravo girls.

Joan Clarke

I love Starbucks, but only their lattes, macciattos, blended drinks. When the weather warms up treat Angie to an Iced cinnamon dolce latte....oh, my...so refreshing. Also the Caramel Macciatto...even more yummy.

I have the Starbucks app on my iPhone...I just hold it up and they scan the code with that doo hickey and it magically computes my drink and balance...I love being a high tech senior!

Chris Oliveira

Your Angie posts are irresistible. What I see in the photos is how very much she loves you, and vice versatile.

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