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Love the pot you planted your pansies in! Did you make it?


Rhonda: yes, that was my one attempt at making a mosaic. It has held up remarkably well over the years. Carol

Judy H.

Doesn't sound positive for your rose. Here is one link with info: http://hyg.ipm.illinois.edu/article.php?id=313

jeanette, mistress of longears

I have had the rose virus (did not know it was called witches broom) for 10 years. I am now down to 2 roses....sigh. Even after waiting 4 years to replant on of the roses, the disease reappeared...so it's definitely in the soil.

violet cadburry

Perhaps a ceremonial dance at midnight during the full moon whilst draped in diaphanous dress and indulging in Potion of Peach Schnappes while tending the small fire set in a flame proof receptacle in which various ugly foul repulsive man clothes you can't stand looking at anymore are smoldering away, and chanting a few incantations of verse from The Orgasmic Gardener...might do the trick.


Violet: if this doesn't do it, it is an incurable disease. I am off to engage in last ditch ceremonial dancing.


Carol, it is a nice pot (the mosaic) -- you should do more! Do you know who Gaudi is? If you like his work, you gotta take a trip to Barcelona! THEN you will REALLY want to do mosaics!

Linda L in Tennessee

I am a MG and from the picture you have posted of your Knockout rose, it does not appear to be witches broom; it looks more like new, emerging growth that is bronzed from cooler (night time?) temperatures. If that is the only symptom, your roses are probably OK. Take a stem showing the most dramatic symptoms to 1)Home Depot or 2)Lowes as they both profess to have "nursery professionals". A reputable local nursery or your local agriculture agent in Ornamental Horticulture would also be able to easily identify this disease. Beware anyone trying to sell you herbicides/bugacides, etc, as the roses will need to be destroyed if in fact they do have WB. Sorry...

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