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Ok, what I know....When I was little, growing up in Kansas in the 70's, my mom used to dip morels in beaten eggs, salt and pepper and then in some sort of dry mix, maybe corn meal? flour? then fry in oil with garlic. They were so delicious.


You had me puzzled enough to Google... and it seems a Pour Over is what we would call filter coffee...


I wonder if morels are good for your brain like walnuts.... as they have a certain physical similarity!


Risotto with morels and asparagus or green peas. Just about anything with risotto is good.


Looks like a lovely Farmer's Market!
I think a pour over is just like the old school Melita single cup filters (I still use those, started 30+ years ago and they still work the best for me)... glad you found another place to indulge your coffee needs!
Good luck on the morels... not my favorite (a little too earth for moi).


Dude! Who the hell cares what a "pour over" is, when you got a babe like that serving you. If I lived in Lawrence, I'd be going there early and often!

Lisa Hoffman

Hey Susan S.....WORD.

Nancy Brill

Slice and sautee! I *miss* morels; enjoy some for me

mary lawrence

the guy on the right in your picture has a red pour over cup in front of him. Its just what Rhonda said, they pour the hot water over the fresh coffee grounds. And as for morels, your picture made me salivate. I grew up in the midst of the Illinois cornfields and remember hunting mushrooms as a child. We would come home with a potato sack full of morels (on a good day) and after soaking them in water to remove all the tiny little insects, mom would dip them in beaten egg, salt and pepper, dredge them in flour and fry them in a cast iron skillet. We would stand at the stove and eat them off paper plates as soon as they cooled. we would eat them as quickly as she could cook them, without sitting down at the table, eating until we were nearly sick. They were the ultimate treat and we looked forward to them every spring. Boy do I miss them, haven't had them in years...


I concur with Mary and Annie. After cleaning and letting them dry, we dip them in egg, salt and pepper then dredge in flour. I like to saute a bit of garlic in butter in my cast skillet and then fry them in the garlic butter. Yum!


My Mom Irene's simple recipe was much the same. Lightly coat with Egg and milk then roll them in saltines, powdered with a rolling pin. Fry them in some light oil. Works nicely for Walleye or crappie too. I've sautéed them, but they shrivel up. I'm a volume guy. Of course EVERYTHING is tasty in egg batter fried, so purists will shudder. I have a tub in my fridge right now!

Vicki in Michigan

Morels -- slice, and saute in butter. The end. Yum.

Joan Clarke

Found this at www.coffeegeek.com for Pour-over...old as the hills method of brewing coffee. Trick, according to the geek is the grinder & fresh roasted coffee, making sure the measurements for coffee & HOT water are correct. Also to remember to stir the slurry at the bottom of filter...I love drip coffee. I'm sure this shop has just the right ground coffee for you. But I'm with Susan...go to the shop and have coffee and eye candy...does it get any better?

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