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brava carolina
clap clap clap!!!!!
you is a master sketcher
you is a genius yo

Carol Gossett

I like 'em! I like 'em!

Michele Unger

I LOVE what you did in your journal! You deserve a long, loud round of applause! Can you imagine how much fun it's going to be to go back and look at this journal in years to come and remember all the fun you had? Don't you just love that about travel journals? I am so impressed!


Debbie J

I love your pages! Please, post more photos of them! Please!! ! !

jacki long

Your best is TERRIFIC, in so many areas!

Leslie J. Moran

Such an inspiration. I wonder how many people you have inspired to try this out? Lots I bet. Magnificent work and a truly unique story of your journey. Brava!

Bee Rozatti

You & Sister just get the job done! Love being inspired & humored, so my peeps!


your pages look wonderful from the peek, lets see more of your pages


Love your journal - the pages looks wonderful


I LOVE your sketch pages - the map, the village, the strawberries - and your pressed wisteria and porcupine quill!! Do you and MA know how much we all love your travels and creativity? Thank you for sharing with us. :)

Judy H.

Wonderful journal pages!

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