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jeanette, mistress of longears

"when you set out to do something because it is fun, you change the rules as needed so that it does not become drudgery. " This is uncommonly brilliant advice. I hope to follow it.
And "Major Pettigrew's last Stand" was a charming read...you might enjoy it on tape.


I am impressed by your new sketch war. I could draw faces all day, but drawing rooms is a different matter entirely. Now, being a member of the Moss sister' s school of challenge, I will just have to give it a whirl. This will take some talk with MY sister.

I agree with you about drawing letters. Interesting enough to leave no room in your mind for worries, etc. for a while. Alphabet meditation..


I am also liking your new twist on the old sketch wars! The funny part is that you both started with your bathrooms!
And love that quote -- I should put it in my classroom! In a world full of Middle Schoolers all day that is one important thing to teach!

Susie LaFond

so happy, happy, happy to see sketchwars reappear, totally rockin the nifty, 'biffy' views. The quote is awesome, gotta right it down.


Got a fortune cookie today after lunch. It read
Everyone is ignorant, just on different subjects.

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