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Thank you for recommending "the unlikely pilgrimage of Harold fry" am loving it. You might also like Fever and The Obituary Writer

Janet Ghio

I love peonies--one of my favorite flowers. Unfortunately around here (in Columbia, MO) they have been absolutely ruined by RAIN and more rain and more rain.


Once again I just sigh as I take in their beauty!

Karen D

The peonies are beautiful. They are one of my favorites, too. I wish I could grow them here in Texas, but I have to buy "imported" peonies when they are available. Thanks for the photos--for all of your photos. They are always a day-brightener!

jacki long

Awwwwwwwwwwwww, thank you! Again!


We had peonies growing up and they were great for hiding in while playing hide and seek!I still remember their fragrance.


My absolute favorite flower on earth.
Thank you for the powerful beauty, Carol. Love your blog.

Judy H.

Wowza! Gorgeous! My peonies are flat after the non-stop rains in KC this week. Hoping they'll bounce back (and I'm buying some more plant supports!).

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