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That's a lovely picture showing each individual floret, so delicate.

Back home, our Mother's Day is in March so I feel as though I'm on an island, what with all of France (and Europe) 'spoiling' their mothers and America too.

We have lilacs in three colours but the poor things are losing the battle with our wintry weather. Bees struggling although there's plenty of fruit blossom about if only it was warm enough for them to leave their hives. I think we've lost two colonies now (can't open the hives yet).

Janet Ghio

I love lilacs!! the smell, so wonderful. how lucky to get a big bunch for $3.

Leslie J. Moran

Our lilacs are slowing starting to emerge. Your photo reminds me to get out my vintage table cloths and have them all ironed up for the season!:) One more waft of spring air and the scent will be here too! Happy Day.

Susie LaFond

Our lilac bushes are just now starting to bud, I can't imagine snow in May had anything to do with that...???!!! I think you got a pretty sweet deal for 3.00 bucks, hope you had a beautiful weekend.


Love your pix of the lilacs...and I hope you plant some soon. We just planted 2 bushes this year...if it ever warms up for good, they should have a chance of growing strong & blooming next spring...I can hardly wait!


THREE dollars for a bunch of lilacs? We paid 412 here in SF and it felt like a deal. A couple of years ago a small bunch would go for at least $20. Very jealous.

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