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Caroline Berk

In the south we do that without the dill and pepper. We like our pickles sweet. Still the recipe is much the same and they are some fine eating. Those particular onions, though, are just beautiful to look at. The color of the bulb against the color of the leaves (?) is just plain pretty.

You can never have too many peonies bouquets. Get everyone you can.

Michele Unger

Okay, missy, now you have me Jones-ing for pickled red onion and cucumbers....and I don't have either in the house and will have to go to the market first thing in the morning.....and it's all your fault! (Gosh, your jar looks so GOOD.)

Ruth in Seattle

First it's vodka infused with cucumbers. I have a batch waiting for tomorrow to test before Thursday's SEWN party. Now it's a lovely fresh pickle recipe. Have you told your sister that cucumbers should be the official vegetable of the SEWN class?

Janet Ghio

I think vegetables and fruits are beautiful also...


Ohhh love cukes like that. Must be in my Eastern European genes! Yours looks delish!

Judy H.

Trying this! Thanks!

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