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Joan Clarke

Aside from Las Vegas and Reno, ALL of NV is a backroad. Even in Las Vegas you can be out of town in minutes and would wonder if there are any people in this big empty. But that's what I love most about this place.

I love to see your corner of the world.


I think your roadside blue is chicory... xo, sharron


thanks for sharing! your photos make me want to head out of the city and into the country. I think I need to go flower hunting and birdwatching soon....


Sharron is right, it is chicory, my Dad always told me that during the Great Depression, his family drank a brew made from chicory roots, instead of coffee.


Also, here in Wisconsin,the chicory blossoms close up every day by early afternoon, and reopen in the AM

Judy H.

Yep, chicory. They are blooming like crazy in KC right now. Love them. :)


For some reason I always associate chicory with Louisiana - Chicory coffee and beignets? Who knew it grew along the side of the ride in Kansas. Thanks to all of you for letting me know.

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