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Sadly the music at the market it today made our ears bleed and that was a different musical group than the one who made our ears bleed the Wednesday evening at a different market.


Gorgeous, simply gorgeous new banner.

Leslie J. Moran

Fabulous banner! Someone once said that you can NEVER EVER have too many peonies! I totally agree. That's the scent of early summer. Love it :)

Violet Cadburry

Beautiful banner -- I could just eat them all up! And, your profile picture is color coordinated. You clever girl.


The new banner is obviously very pretty but thanks for including the close-up of the peony. Just beautiful.

Pam Michael

Peonies are my favorite flower!! I love your banner.


LOVE the new banner! And the peonies are amazing! I think I need to go find some. Today. Even though there are no Farmer's Markets on Monday.
Thanks for the inspiration!


That new banner is beautiful! Love it

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