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Leslie J. Moran

Fabulous work Carol! We should all be so diligent. You sure are one busy woman. Brava!


Beautiful Book... and I bet it had a nice feel to it! I was just thinking we hadn't seen any journal pages of your for awhile... can't wait to see the patterns you come up with. It's lovely to just play and make patterns and I'm so grateful to Mary Ann for giving us permission to do just that!!!!
Hugs, Emie

Lisa Hoffman

Excellent result, Maestra!


I'm having a hard time making that first mark in my luscious new pattern book...I will if you will... 1, 2, 3...GO!

Joan Clarke

I've started the 75 Day Drawing Challenge by Brenda Swenson, one of my fave watercolor artists. At the end of the 75 days/75 drawings you get your "Creative License" complete with photo of yourself...looks like a CA driver license! I hesitated for days having that blank white page glaring back at me in a brand new Hand Book notebook (which I don't like) the texture is weird.

I wish you luck with your new pattern journal. I've never made one but would like to take a class...none available in a city of 2 million people! Sad, eh?

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