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Hey Carol...
Your blueberry crumb cake looks so yummy...and I believe those gorgeous flowers are Lianthus.
They're fabulous in that special vase!

Barbara Tarbox

Hi Carol,
The beautiful bouquet of lisianthus is stunning in your vase. Such a wonderful story
Of how you acquired it. Am going to try the blueberry cake today. I love the "snack"
Cake and it looks too good not to try this very day.
I want to compliment you on your dedication to your wonderful blog.I feel if we ever
Met by happenstance we could become fast friends. You and Mary Ann have
Opened so many interesting and inspiring doors through your travels and everyday
Wonders. I am a faithful reader and look forward to your both sharing, the intimacies
Of your lives, Much love, Barbara

Janet Ghio

That looks delicious!!


Thanks Debbie and Barbara! I just knew one of you would know what they were and enlighten me.


Ahh, yes, the wonderful intercom in the dorm. What a wonderful way to keep up with what was happening!


I love that Chris gave you flowers in the dorm!!

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