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Barbara Tarbox

No way, no how, uhh, uhh. Do NOT Believe it. Really? Okay, where's her helmet?
this is very funny Carol, it's not April Fool is it?
Come on, 'fess up, whose hog is it? You know....you're scarring me now.


Quick, stop her before she starts painting while riding!


Arriving in style in Hog heaven!!!!


Love the pose :) I was following a load of Harley dudes earlier today, they crack me up with the monkey pose as I call it!! The new Harley's are strange, they dont make a noise! I thought Harleys were all about the noise :)


That sister is brave! And adorable!

Judy H.

Ha! :D


Oh My God...Kansas will never be the same.

Joan Clarke

Have you notified the authorities that this wild Babe is on the loose in KS? Lawrence may never recover. Was Angie going to hop on the back? Dear Lord!


She's looking good, that Mary Ann.

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