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How awesome!! All of it, everything in this post!! Even the rain... you three girls, gorgoeus pages,that bread and that frittata sound delish... I wish I could go somewhere and be fed and arted ;o)

Barbara Tarbox

Dear Angie,
so you have joined the club. Isn't paper and pen and your two (daffy) lovely daughters
Just the BEST! I truly hope you continue to play. You will soon discover as the lovelies
Have, that our imagination is ignited by color, texture, variety and the plain old every
Day world suddenly becomes magic.
Carol, lunch of frittata, tomato and jam sounds delicious. Help me understand the
Walnut and sage bread. I am having trouble wrapping my taste buds around this
Mary Ann, I just KNOW you are enjoying that Kansas humidity. Just keep telling
Yourself, it's good for my skin.

Susie LaFond

aaahhhhhh that is about the sweetest thing I've ever read, LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. I guess we all know where Mary Ann's and Carol's creative gifts got their start. Thanks Carol for sharing this, I'm going to be grinning all day when I think of the 3 of you gathered round the table, little worlds being born on paper, a truer bliss was never had...xxooxx

Jane Bumar

I agree with Susie; what a sweet and kind post. I think you are ALL awesome!!

Violet Cadburry

How lucky you are to have your Mom to enjoy. Just love reading posts about Angie. That shirt she is wearing has a great pattern...why not get some fabric paint and go for it...then cut it up and sew it back together.

Joan Clarke

You're never to old to learn a new art technique. It's wonderful that you've included Angie in your fun projects.

Was she as funny as you two when she was raising you up? I have to think so.

That Frittata looks so yum-yum..

Kathy McCreedy

You and your sis sound like a LOT of fun!!! I must say, though, while the written description of the meal did nothing for me (super picky eater), the photo is, well, simply yummy!!! Brava! Food is incredibly difficult to photograph well, don't you think?!? (There's a plethora of restaurants in the Detroit area that feature less than appealing images of food in their laminated tri-fold menus... clearly no one has advised them not to take photos of their meals and hire a professional photographer instead!)
I'm envious of the fact that a. your sister is close to you physically, b. you and your sister are friends, c. you live in California, & d. you get to play and make fun stuff with said sister. YOU ARE A VERY FORTUNATE LADY!!! :D

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