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Rhonda H.

Ok THAT does it! Now I am going to HAVE to go to the local Farmer's Market and get some peaches and make these!! I am like you, prefer them a little less sweet so no doubt I shall follow your recipe and then have to eat it every morning until it is gone, not to copy you but since I can already tell it will be THAT good!


yours look better than mine! guess i'll just have to try again!!!!

Janet Ghio

those bars look really good. At our Farmer's market you have to get in line at 7:30 (the market opens at 8). I was there early-before 8, the line stretched all the way to the end of the market and out into the parking lot. You have to really want peaches-but they are so delicious!!


Peaches for breakfast-most wonderful. Peaches anytime or any where. I never tire of fresh peaches! Enjoy yours this week.

Susie LaFond

Ha, i'm smiling and grinning as I made these too on Saturday and brought them to a family gathering, they were gone in a flash and everyone wanted the recipe. I also cut down on the sugar; I like sweetness to be on the light side and these were the perfect treat for a gorgeous summer day. Thanks for sharing it a few weeks back too.

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