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Oh I do hope they put up extensive christmas lights? looking forward to your holiday "tour".

Judy H.

Holy Moly! It's now on my list of must-sees! :D


Does some little part of you wish that you could just turn your back on convention and do whatever decorative thing comes to mind? Express your artist's soul in all its outlandish glory? Part of me wishes that I could do that but the rest of me puts on the brakes. I'm not sure I would want to live with it every day, though. I need a calm place, too.


What a treasure trove you've found!!!! I'd drive out of my way just to see what's new there.... sort of like the game I Spy.

Barbara Tarbox

Looks like it's been there awhile, this museum of flotsam and jetsam. Did you meet the
Curator? I agree with Caroline. There is something in all, perhaps many, that would
Love to let go of convention and let it all hang out.
But don't think surrounded EVERYDAY might just get tiresome and confusing. I do so
Love the little bear. He looks like he went down to the woods where all the bears
Were gathered for the teddy bear picnic and could not find a one. Poor lost bear.
Carol, hope you go back from time to time and show us more and perhaps a story
About artist?
Wouldn't it be grand at Christmas with fairy lights?

Nancy from Fair Oaks, California

The only thing missing is the person(s)who lives there who I'd love to meet since they aren't afraid to express themselves!

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