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YOU are a good daughter...and a good pattern maker!

Kathy Pennekamp

I love your pattern book. Your colors are so fresh. Love it!

You will look back someday and wish the moments you had with your mom you could get back. I miss my mom so much and love the stories and all the compassion you and your sister have for her. Enjoy every precious and loving moment. I love reading your blog.


Throw in the other person wearing hearing aids that are screeching with feedback and you'd be describing The Empress. You are a good daughter!


LOVE, love, love seeing your journal pages!!! So FUN! I haven't had the microwave talk but do frequently have similar chats about computer woes... usually it ends with me saying... "ya better call the man"... my mom is in a different state.


We just couldn't get our clock to reset correctly while some friends were staying. Hugh promised Kevin a pot of his choice if he could fix and also explain it. He's a very clever man, is Kevin. He went home with one of Hugh's beautiful casseroles.

I love hearing about your conversations with your mum. She must be very special to inspire such attention and devotion from you (all).

Keep on with the spots and dots - they'll keep you from going dotty!

Debbie J

I love your painted doodles pages!

Joan Clarke

I can't set the clock on our microwave even tho' I have the user guide right in front of me.! How did life become so complicated with all these damn gadgets?

Give me the clock with the hands that move in either direction, one that you have to wind and goes tick tock! Please!

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