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Susie LaFond

Let me know if you need me to send down rations, cocktail mixins', baked goods, maybe some of those peach bars you made a few weeks back and that I'm gonna attempt tomorrow to take to a family event. Fallin' into the hole that is 'pinterest' can leave one dizzy with possibilities but then there is that old adage 'too much of a good thing' and all that blarney...stay down there as long as you like, food and drink to be forth coming.


Such fun to read Mary Ann's and your accounts of her visit. Lucky both of you to have a sister to share the art thing with! And Pinterest - that is a hole you might not come out of anytime soon. :)


That cloud picture is sooooo beautiful and wild...
and you Moss sisters are just the most gorgeous gals, and Mama too!
Thanks for sharing and letting us into your lives :)


Now, I have been taught to store markers with the points down in order to delay the inevitable drying out??? I store mine on their sides, in drawers. Your collection looks enticing.....and I'll bet is responsible for more art output than hidden ones!! Sounds as if you all had a great time at what my mom and sister and I used to call a "giggle party".


That's a hole I've been down a few times!!! VBEG

Janet Ghio

your cloud photo is really fabulous! glad you had a good visit with your sister--didn't realize you were working while she was there and only had a short time to visit. Happy Saturday! Off to see the butterflies at Powell Gardens.


People from southern CA panic when three drops of rain fall. We were in San Diego when it rain(sprinkled) and I just had to laugh. It is about like Atlanta when it snows. The rarity of the occasion and all that.


Did you get that, Mary Ann? About Careful Carol?

I'd like to see more of your other sister. I've been looking at DLA to see how you all looked in the picture that once was on MA's sidebar. Gone now.

Jane Bumar

I believe you had a pen organizeism! ;-) I love organizing my art supplies also, sadly they sometimes get more of that than use. Those Tombow markers are lovely.

Susan Sewell

NOT telling you what to do, just telling you my experience: you'll love your markers more and they will last longer if you figure out how to store them horizontally rather than vertically. I cut and stacked 6 inch pieces of rain gutter to tuck mine in.

Joan Clarke

I have to concur with the others who recommend storing your markers horizontally. One of the most clever tips Isaw was to take lengths of PVC pipe & glue together on sides, lay another on top,glue together, lay on shelf and store pens/markers on sides with color tips showing.

Pintrest is a total time suck! I have to set the timer when I go there. It's also sensory overload for me.

Your sister, Dottie, looks very much like Angie!

Making the raccoonT shirts with the quote on it...fabulous!

Judy H.

I need a 12-step program for Pinterest. Completely addicted. :)

Love the raccoon. :)

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