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How would Angie get on with those plastic clips IKEA sells? I've given up twisties completely since I discovered them.

No need for that wrist-action with clips. They're very cheap and they come in 2 sizes.

(IKEA, you owe me for this free publicity. But then, I owe you for inventing them).


My mother-in-law used to twist the wires one way, wrap them to the back and twist them again. Nothing was going to escape from a bag that she closed!

Barbara Tarbox

Nothing melts my heart more than a (real) man who adds a few(20) twisties to the
Potatoes to help out his MIL. I tell 'ya Chris you're a man after my own heart.
I took my "messy" drawer a.k.a. My "go to drawer" over to a friend one day. My friend is in her 80's and loves "projects". Included a pkg. of 4"X 6" zip-lock bags.
I asked her if she would help me "organize" it. Now if you have a "messy" drawer you
Know it can include anything from rubber bands, twisties, batteries, pencils, paper clips,
Odd buttons, shoelace, acorn tops, etc., etc.
The following week on my visit to her, she presented me my drawer with 43 individual
Zip-locks. She then handed me a "pill" she found. Oblong in shape and a large "V"
Stamped in it. she said, "I think it's a pill and thought you best put it in your medicine
Cabinet. I swear, Scouts honor, I have NO idea where it came from and how it got there.

Barbara Tarbox

I forgot to add, it was a large blue pill with a "V" stamped into it, kinda' important to the

Kathy Pennekamp

You all are so funny. As we age you never can tell what is so important that we need something real bad! I never gave twisters a thought. But I sure love Twizzlers a lot. You never know when I need strawberry licorice really bad. HaHa. Gotta love the MOMMA!

Judy H.

Love it. :)

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