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Nice post!! You seem to have a way of making a simple trip to the farmer's market something special. I'm happy you let us tag along with you!!!!


I too, enjoy going along to the farmer's market and learning about street etiquette and dress codes, ;-)
I love the hand made sachets. That woman reminds me of my Aunt Peggy about 15 years ago or so maybe. Kinda weird.


I don't know what strangozzi is. I am fairly sure that it is not southern. At least not US southern. I need to know because of your pasta talk. That sounded so good.


Haha... Those tomatoes are yummy, so envious... in NZ right now they are 13 bucks a kilo *ouch*... and that's nasty cold store one's!

I would live in my PJ's if I could.. check out this song!!



How Lovely!
And O the way he is holding Daddy's hem... so sweet.
I don't often say hi, but I do often enjoy your posts, on my reader.
Thank you!
xxx jaihn


oops on second look, it could be Mummie's hem. (That's 'Mommie's', UK style.) xxxj


pps or even "Mummy's'. It's late. I better roll away from the screen now...

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