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I have that recipe only minus the vanilla and it is called a Chocolate Lush (and after you taste it you know why) ;-)
The title of this post just cracked me up. I had to read it twice.

Janet Ghio

Looks totally decadent.


This is one of my DH's favorite deserts... it's also good with Pistachio pudding. BTW... I have a LOT of those family cookbooks if you like... DH worked at Xerox so we made MORE than enough to share.
Hugs, Emie


Haven't had that in years! Yum!

Carol, please share a pic of your lizard ridge afghan,I have been wondering about how it turned out. The glimpses you showed looked amazing.


We call it "Better than Sex" and when I make it like your recipe. My favorite is to make it with pistachio pudding with almond extract and call it "No Name" dessert.

Maybe I'll make it this weekend and buy a brisket and pretend I'm having a church potluck.


Ahhhh....Icebox Dessert while the kids were little. Now that they're mostly grown we all call it Better Than Sex. Lol
I am required to make it every Christmas. Then they all go home and leave me with half a pan of it to eat all by myself. Not that I'm complaining, you understand.


I haven't made this in years. Thanks for the reminder. And in my family we call it "The Next Best Thing to Robert Redford". :)

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