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Caroline Berk

I have to repeat after you - I am not, I am not. wonder how long we can hold out?


This takes me back years!
I think this is the kind of embroidery my Mum did, only she bought a blue line transfer and ironed it on. Embroidered. Laundered the piece and pressed it.
Always lovely little designs, nothing too modern. I particularly remember ballet dancers twirling round a tray cloth. How I wish I had it now.
So - will you frame yours?

Jane Bumar

I think they look amazing; and I have floss box envy!

Amy in Texas

I so understand your dilemma. I'm working on a rather involved counted cross stitch piece and I have a pair of pillowcases calling my name. I have challenged myself to finish up some things and NOT buy another thing to stitch until my birthday which is in February. It's all about staying strong. We can do it!

jeanette, mistress of longears

Needlepoint RABBIT? Et tu, Brute? :-)

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