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Joan Clarke

The quilt is lovely for sure. Having been a quilter for over 20 years, I can tell you that quilters really are fabric artists. When you have the amalgam of right fabric prints, geometric blocks and fantastic analogous colors...you've got a winner! The quilt maker is to be commended...well done! I hope she/he wins a ribbon if entered in a show.

Susie LaFond

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is A M A Z I N G!!!! I about fell outta my chair when the page loaded, seriously, I couldn't agree with you more, quilters just have that certain magic in their fingers, they are wired like a well loved quilt and just know what works. The quilt is gorgeous. I love visiting my local quilt shop exactly for this reason; to look and stare and try to contain myself. Sometimes that is just not possible. :)Thanks for sharing this.


The quilt is just wonderful. Were the flower petals made with hand dyed fabric? Thanks for sharing this and it would be a wonderful inspiration. In fact I just decided that I am saving that pic so i can visit it whenever I want!

Leslie J. Moran

Just returned from a European adventure and realize how much we've all been drawn into shapes, patterns, and colours by our latest "Sewn" assignments. I found myself photographing carpets because they had a design that I might want to sketch. Nice find, and bravo to the fabric "artiste". Many thanks for sharing. Love that colour scheme as well.

Judy H.


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